• by Jimmy
  • November 18, 2018

Why is Jewellery So Expensive?

Anyone who’s ever had to go shopping for some jewellery already knows that they’re not coming home with any gold without blowing a hole in their wallets. Jewellery is inherently very expensive and there are more reasons to why that is the case than you’d first think too. Obviously, gold as a material isn’t getting any cheaper so there’s that reason; did you know that the entire world’s currency is based off of the price of gold?

Finely cut precious stones are pretty darn expensive in their own right since they’re so rare but guess what, even that doesn’t explain why jewellery is so expensive. You see, when you buy jewellery you don’t just pay for the material used to make it, you also pay for the craftsmanship and the art used in styling it so obviously it’s going to cost more than just its value but there’s a limit to this kind of value addition too.

There are many jewellery stores that are selling really convincing imitation jewellery and since scams were becoming pretty common, the value of authentic jewellery goes up yet another notch. If a store can claim that they have authentic jewellery and prove it then they can charge more money for it as well. A lot of jewellers and stores are doing this these days so it’s getting harder to find good jewellery at reasonable prices.

If you’re struggling with finding authentic jewellery at the price that it’s supposed to be at, you should check out Galaxy Gold and their collection. They’re very clear about whether the items they put up are authentic or imitation and they’re willing to offer the best prices for both as well. Go have a peek for yourself.

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