• by Jimmy
  • August 22, 2018

What to Remember When You Want a Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook is a difficult tool. It is very hard to use yet at the same time it is very user-friendly. The way we use facebook is just around 20% of it. The real deal is behind all that. The complexities, the algorithms, the hundreds of people at work the hundreds of minds thinking every moment, that is the rest of the stuff. Facebook does not charge its users. It in fact earns revenue from the advertisements.

Facebook advertising is a separate thing now. It means that facebook is an all together different platform for advertising. But only a few people know how it works. This article aims to explain how it works and the logic and reasoning behind it.

The first thing to know about running an ad on facebook is your business goal. This will tell you why you’re running the advertisement. After you know this, half of your work is done because then you will have a direction and a benchmark towards which you have to work. A business goal can be anything ranging from helping the community to getting loads of profit. This will give you an idea about who your target audience is and this is the second part which means you can now segment your customers easily. Next you will have to put aside a budget for your marketing needs.

This can be explained by the saying the more you add sugar, the sweeter it will be. But the budget need not be really huge because the whole point of marketing on facebook is to be cheaper and more effective. Facebook marketing campaigns need pictures, images or videos to show the audience. This is your last step. You need to have captivating images of your product or business or anything else. This is the final nail as an image is necessary to attract the audience. So make sure you have these 4 things ready when you are planning to run a facebook advertise.

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