• by Jimmy
  • August 8, 2018

The Basketball Reference

One thing that people just can’t get enough of is sports and that being said, this is actually a very good thing because we can now get to appreciate all the good talent we have around the county and the world. Now every sport is amazing in its own field but one of the great thing that exists in the sports universe is the game of basketball. Now people from all vet the world like to play this game and also like to indulge in its chewing whenever there is a good game on the television. Now the one thing that people have recently started taking an interest are the players themselves.

Players of this game come from all over the country and sometimes even the world. They have incredible stories that people don’t get to learn about when they see them on the court. Therefore, people are trying to make an effort to change that and they do that by trying to get to know them and their story. Now there are players such as Derek Hood, that have made their mark on the game but today they aren’t playing so it means it is time to tell their story and though their career ended that doesn’t mean their legacy has to too.

If you are a fan of players that came and had a glorious career but now they are no more playing then we encourage you guys to read up about them. When you hear their story you will find yourself appreciating the game more. So don’t let those players be forgotten and let them be alive in your memory. If you are a true fan then don’t just look at the players but also keep the players who’ve played alive in the game.

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