• by Jimmy
  • October 13, 2018

Keep an Eye on Your Turf

One of the most important things you can do in a sport like basketball to make sure you get more playing time is to keep asking your coach what you can do for the team. Sometimes the things that help the team the most is for you to get more practice and hence more playing time as well. Being committed to doing what it takes to help the team in way you can isn’t just for making sure you’re out on the playing field more but to make sure that everyone is in good shape for upcoming match.

A good mind and a helpful teammate can really boost the morale of the whole squad after all. In contrast, if you’re one of the people that still need to be learning basketball rules for dummies it’s likely that the team will eventually grow tired of you if you never step up yourself. Keep practice sessions just like they are and don’t try to overthink things during an actual game. Your mind should be clear and focused on what’s ahead of you instead of always trying to compensate for something. Keep your eyes on the ball and try to be aggressive.

Obviously, that means nothing along the lines of actually attacking a player, that would get you banned outright. It just means that when you see a loose ball, you go for it. The longer and more often your team has possession of the ball, the more shots your side is going to be able to make but that doesn’t mean every shot will go in and you should be prepared for a rebound whenever you see a shot miss. The rebound shots can make a huge difference in the game and be what really turns the tide.

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