• by Jimmy
  • September 6, 2018

Houses And Condos: An Overview

Most adults spends their 20s and even some of their 30s living in apartments which they initially might be co-sharing. This is because they are still struggling to have enough savings or a stable income that is enough for them to be able to afford more permanent living options. So, once you have finally started affording a stable enough income for you to be able to afford a permanent living situation, you have to decide between two options, namely houses or condos. Houses have always been considered to be the more popular options, but you will now notice that Toronto new condos are popping up everywhere as well.

Houses are generally bigger than condos, and you get to have the entire house to yourself. Plus, there are no houses attached to your house, so you get to maintain your privacy. You do not have to follow policies or rules since it is your house, so you can do as you please to your property. Most houses come with a backyard or lawn, which adds to more space for your amusement. However, houses are located farther away from the city, so a lot of driving and fuel is required to commute to and from the city every day.

Condos are located within the city so everything is a lot closer to you, so you save travelling time as well fuel costs, and avoid unnecessary travel stress as well. Condos are beautifully designed and well-maintained as well, and come with features like a community pool or fitness center and so on. However, as a condo owner, you own an individual unit, and like apartments, there are more units on each floor, so you do not get as much privacy. Plus, condos usually have a lot of strict policies regarding pets, parties and so on that absolutely need to be followed.

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