Fun Facts About Taco Bell

Taco Bell, one of the best places to go for a quick Mexican fix, this fast food chain is loved for its food, but there are a ton of other things about Taco Bell that are just as loveable and interesting as its food. Let’s go through some interesting and fun facts about Taco Bell.

Taco Bell was not always called Taco Bell, when the restaurant was founded back in 1954, its owner had decided to name it “Bell’s Drive-in and Taco Tia”, which was certainly a mouthful given the fact that it was a fast food restaurant. Perhaps the owner realized that his restaurant needed a shorter and catchier name and renamed it as Taco Bell in 1962.

Despite being a Mexican fast food chain, Taco Bell has a surprisingly healthy menu, its most notable (and favourite) healthy food option being the Fiesta Taco Salad that the restaurant introduced in 1984. While there have been a number of changes to this popular salad over the years, it is still a customer favourite due to the fact that the salad is completely customisable and gives a tasty option to the health conscious.

Taco Bell has a pretty expansive menu to offer, loaded with all kinds of mouth-watering dishes, however there are two dishes that have received more customer love than any other; the Crunchwrap Supreme that was introduced in 2005 and the limited time Super Craveworthy Nacho Fries that became so popular that Taco Bell decided to turn it into a permanent menu item.

People tend to think of Taco Bell as a USA only food joint, however, this food chain is spread across the world and is highly popular, it even have special menu items for certain countries that are not served in its US branches. Some noteworthy countries where Taco Bell can be found include the UK, Puerto Rico, and Spain.

Taco Bell’s chips are so popular that the restaurant has started packaging them and placing them in grocery stores, and their chips are not the only thing that can be found beyond their drive through; Taco Bell also has taco dinner kits that one can buy and use to quickly whip up tasty tacos at home.

Taco Bell opened a visit-able test kitchen in 2017 where one can go to get a taste of all their popular and latest menu items. The test kitchen has limited seats and getting in requires plenty of waiting, but it is an experience that is worth the wait, you can visit their website to keep an eye out for open slots.

Just like their menu, Taco Bell likes to spice up their restaurants as well, the food chain keeps the design of its branches unique and diverse, and you can find specially designed Taco Bell with their own artwork, country inspired interiors and more.

Taco Bell even sells merchandise that can be bought to make your love for the restaurant public, their long list of buyable merchandise includes hats, temporary tattoos, T-shirts and wearable pins.