• by Jimmy
  • August 25, 2018

Different Variety of Popcorns You Must Try Once in Your Life

Most people know that the popcorns that are mostly sold today have no distinct flavor that they can describe. There was a time that popcorns used to have its own unique flavor that was not present in any other food item but sadly, you will be hard pressed to find such popcorn now.

The good news is that Leelalicious tells us that there are varieties of popcorn that are sold in the market and have a flavor that is completely natural. They are sold by different countries that recognize that popcorns are supposed to be a healthy snack and should have different flavors.

Bur Oaks Farm Red Popcorn

This particular variety of popcorn is famous among public since 1800s because of its red color that turns into white once the corns pop completely. The texture of the popcorn that is different from ones that you can easily find at cheap prices as each piece is soft and tender and melts in mouth. The best thing is that even if you do not add any kind of seasoning to the popcorn, they still taste amazing and can fill your stomach.

Pennsylvania Butter Flavored Popcorn

This popcorn might have a plain taste for some people but they need to realize that the company does not add any flavoring to it. When you bite into the popcorn and the butter that you taste is completely natural as they are bred in that way.

Smoke Signals

This is a special brand because each cob is full of colors which is something that is not so common. Different colors like red, blue and yellow can be found on one cob which is why they are popular and its fresh taste is an added bonus.

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