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  • by Jimmy
  • January 31, 2019

Why You Need to Get Renter’s Insurance: Utility And Benefits

These are hard times. Poverty is on the rise and money is scarce. At every corner of the world, people are looking to just get by, have a roof over their head and food in their stomachs in the minimum amount as possible. Most people now even opt to rent apartments rather than buying a house because owning a house is a costly business. Moreover, most of these people do not get renter’s insurance and that is where they go seriously wrong.

While you may not think it, but even when renting, you can greatly benefit from insurance in terms of cost saving. The truth is that your landlord’s insurance on the apartment building is not going to help you in terms of a case of theft of your belongings or any damaged caused. That is where renter’s insurance comes into play and you can get this insurance from any good insurance company like Balsiger in Corpus Christi. Following are some of the benefits of Renter’s Insurance:

Extra Living Expenses

Visualize a disaster or a tragedy caused by something fatal as fire which has destroyed your living place and now you are in need of a place to stay while repairs are going on. In this scenario, if you have renter’s insurance then you do not have to go for couch hunting but rather your insurance covers hotel living expenses for you.

Medical Expenses

If a guest is injured under your roof, then the insurance will pay for their medical bills to a great amount.

Legal Fees

Upon injury in your house, if anyone sues you then the insurance will pay for the legal fees required to show up at court.


If your kid breaks or damages the property of others, then your policy can cover the damage costs.

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  • by Jimmy
  • October 9, 2018

Benefits of an RESP

An RESP, or a Registered Educations Saving Plan, is a Canadian higher educational funding plan, run by Knowledge First Financial, that helps teenagers go to universities that they have been accepted in to without actually worrying about the cost of it too much. For many people it can be very difficult being able to afford a decent education especially since they are unable to earn enough in one go to pay for it, and quite often saving up for the university fee is not enough either. For many people things such as bills and monthly spending cuts in to possible savings for university. Some people also end up losing saved money because of sudden needs like illnesses and repair work, so for most lower to lower middle class families, saving is very difficult.

However, with the RESP the money you put in the savings plan brings you two major benefits. A high interest rate is applied to the stored money, in your favor. This means that the money you put in an RESP account gathers a very high interest rate that you can take out once your child is able to go to university. While the exact amount of interest gained can vary depending on the amount of money you have put in and the amount of monthly income in your household, a significant amount can be saved up that will definitely cut down if not cover the cost of a higher education.

The second major benefit is the fact that this money and the interest gained on it is not taxable. This money is put in the name of the child and by the time it becomes available to them, the student themselves does not fall under a tax bracket. Even if some students do, it is a low tax bracket.

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