• by Jimmy
  • August 29, 2018

A Guide to Help You in Using Your New Cat Harness/Leash

We have talked about the importance of outdoor activity of all the pet animals but the ones that really do not get much exposure to the outside world are cats. However, that can be changed if you start using a leash or a harness for your cat. If you have no knowledge about it, we’d suggest that you start reading up on this subject and with that research try to make the best possible decision for your pet. If you are looking for reliable sources for it, follow this link https://catspatrol.com/best-cat-harnesses/.

Being an owner of a cat myself, I would highly suggest that you invest in a leash. It will help in improving the overall physical as well as the mental wellbeing of your cat. They are great once trained properly. Now the real problem that cat owners face is the training part in which you have to make your pet used to being on a leash. For that we have come up with a precise guide that will really make the process easier for you all. With that out of the way, following are some of the steps to follow in order to use your new cat leash or harness, check them out below.

Start The Training Indoors

You can purchase the harness at any pet store or even a departmental store. When you first bring it home, make sure to let your cat be familiar with it by letting your cat explore it. Of course it will smell it at first and then bite it and play around with it, let them get to know each other. Once familiarized, that is when you put it on and then let your cat walk around it inside the house. With enough reinforcements and practice your cat is now ready to go outside.

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