Zoeva Brushes : Review

Ok, this isn’t indie makeup, but let’s take a quick break for today and talk about some brushes. I did not find out about Zoeva brushes review on my own, my friend over at Pigmented Lips actually told me about them many months ago. So what stopped me from ordering before now? Are they insanely expensive? No. Do they look like bad quality? No. So what was it?! It’s the fact that this company is based in Germany and shipping is $18. I didn’t want to get a huge order since I wasn’t familiar with the quality of the brushes, so a few Reddit friends and I decided to do a large order all together to help minimize shipping costs. After sitting in customs (thanks DHL!) for what seemed like an interminable amount of time, they finally arrived to our “mule” who then turned around and shipped them to us. I got five brushes total; a buffer, a luxe highlight, an eye blender, a luxe crease blender, and a brow line brush.

First and foremost, every brush comes in its own little zip slide bag which is made of plastic. The backside has the name and number of the brush in case you want to continue to store your brushes in their little homes.

#104 Buffer:┬áThis brush is pretty much like a million other brushes out on the market, but believe it or not, I did not own one that was this exact shape. I have a buffer from Coastal Scents that is a bit longer and some from Sonia Kashuk that are much shorter, but none this is exact size and height. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say that I bought this because it looked really similar to the Sigma F80. I absolutely adore this brush and it was the first one the I busted out to use. I’ve used it with liquid and with mineral foundation and it works amazingly for both types of foundation. The bristles are dense, but not so dense that it makes the brush impossible to clean (I’m looking at you Real Techniques Expert Face Brush). It distributes foundation evenly on the face and the length of the bristles are perfect for a nice, even finish. I can see myself ordering another one of these as a backup when I’m too lazy to wash my brushes. This brush is synthetic.

Branched chain amino acids, or BCAA’s, have┬ábecome increasingly popular within recent years. While many of us are familiar with popular supplements such as whey protein or pre-workout formulas, BCAA’s continue to be a topic of debate.

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Ham and bean recipes are versatile and inexpensive. If you find yours is too runny, you have several options for making it thicker. Try adding breadcrumbs, cream or pureed vegetables to make a heartier ham and beans. If you don’t have any extra ingredients, you can add a vegetable-based starch. Cornstarch will how to thicken red beans your meal without changing its flavor.

Step 1

Heat up your ham and beans on the stove top. Decide how much thicker you want them to be. One way to decide is to look at what level the ham and beans come to on your pot. Decide how much lower the liquid level of it should be. Reducing the liquid by half will lower the ham and beans level in the pot by half.

Step 2

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